FAQs Before the Installation

Here at Boiler Expert we give you information which will save you time and money when replacing your boiler or upgrading your heating system. All of the questions and answers have been written by real gas engineers and real customers. We hope you can find exactly what you looking for and maybe more.

How can I reduce the cost of my boiler installation without cutting corners?

Yes, it is possible. It is simple if you think about it.
  • cleaning and clearing the areas where the works will be carried out
  • covering up floors and surfaces which will be affected during the works
  • Taking off cupboard doors and, emptying the airing cupboard prior to installation
  • offerning to remove the rubbish assiciated with the project
  • helping taking up floorboards and offering to putting them back yourself
  •  if you are able to drain the system and remove old radiators and make the walls ready to fit the new radiators is a good one
Basically if you can take on all the manual labour and leave the engineers only do the professional stuff they will be in and out of your property and definately charge you less money.

Can I mount a boiler myself?
It’s crucial to comprehend that you shouldn’t install a central heating boiler on your own. Completely reason, every central heating boiler installation must, by regulation, be performed by a Gas Safe registered designer who has undergone expert training.

Anyone that tries to set up a boiler without the relevant credentials might be placing their residence and family at serious danger.

Also if you think you’re quite handy with tools and you’re an experienced DIY‐er, this is a work that ought to be delegated the professionals, such as the certified engineers available backwards and forwards the nation through Help-Link.

Do you need a hot water tank or have a high demand for warm water?
If you live in a home with numerous shower rooms after that it is more than likely you will need a water cyndrical tube to shop as well as heat water to send out to your taps when it’s required.

A combi boiler may not be the most suitable central heating boiler option for homes with a high demand of hot water because they might not be powerful adequate to fulfil need. , if you live in a large home with several washrooms a system boiler might be a much far better choice for you.

Do you want your heating as well as hot water regulated from the same system?
If you want to free up some space and have only one heating and hot water unit installed into one single location the combi boiler is your best bet. It only takes up a small amount of space and have all the controls and movig system parts needed withn the casing.

Where do you want locate your new boiler?
The place of your current boiler might have an impact on what replacement central heating boilers are most suitable. If you desire to maintain the cost of your central heating boiler replacement down then it is best to obtain the new central heating boiler installed in the very same area as your old one.

Which kind of boiler is the quickest to install?
Like for like boiler replacement would be the easiest and less distruptive process. At least in most cases, but of course all installations are different. In some cases when replacing an old flue which goes through the roof migt be just as distruptive and maybe even more expensive as changing the system layout lets say from an old conventional system to a combination. In any case it is worth to discuss your requirements with more than 1 engineer and have at least 3 different opinions.

The Cost Of A New Boiler Installation

The price of a new central heating boiler installation differs substantially depending upon your conditions and also which boiler you wish to go for. In this area we’ve clarified several of the aspects that enter into figuring out the price of your new boiler installation.

How much money I have to spend on my new Boiler?
There’s no fixed price for a central heating boiler installation. All type of elements can play right into the cost, consisting of where you live as well as whether you’re having a combi or conventional central heating boiler installed, if it will certainly operate on gas or power, and also potentially what brand it is. If you’re interested in discovering exactly how much it will cost for a new boiler then it’s finest to address a couple of quick inquiries using our quote system.

The cost of the boiler installation usually includes everything you need: the boiler itself, elimination of the old one, and any fees for flushing the old system, doing plumbing job as well as moving pipes. Make sure to examine what is consisted of as component of your installation.

Below are instances of such factors which are most likely to enhance the boiler installation price.

Type of boiler
If you are changing one sort of central heating boiler for a various one (e.g. a traditional to a combi central heating boiler, or vice versa) there will be dramatically more work included in changing them over. You can therefore expect a higher cost for installation than you would certainly if you were replacing your boiler with one of the very same type.

Boiler brand name and design
We provide a variety of central heating boiler models from top quality producers. The price of your boiler substitute will certainly also greatly depend upon the brand and design you choose. It may be alluring to go for the most inexpensive option, spending in a higher quality and also extra reliable boiler might conserve you more money in the lengthy run. By contrast, premium range boilers are usually better, much more effective and might have a much longer lifetime.

Our local engineers are happy to install any boiler, the following are just some of the boiler brands our customers get fitted :

Worcester Bosch
As part of the Bosch Group, Worcester Bosch central heating boilers are one of the most popular choice. Just bear in mind the price tag. In the past few years the price of Worcester boilers has increased dramatically. Yes, it is top noch quality however we recommend to check out other brands as well.

Vokèra specialise in the residential and also light industrial market and supply items that accomplish modern needs. Their array incorporates an item for every single residential use, consisting of high effectiveness combination, system as well as open air vent central heating boilers, light commercial boilers and also water heating units and cyndrical tubes. Discover much more regarding Vokèra boilers.

Another Great British Brand. All Ideal boilers are ‘A’ rated for efficiency, simple to maintain and easy to operate. Great price and great performance.

Vaillant boilers are said to be the BMW of the boilers. It is true they are pretty expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain. Parts for this brand are probably cost the most amongst all the boilers listed on this page. 

Probably the most solid choice. British made boiler. Great aftercare service and excellent quality. Easy to install, reasonably priced and comes with 7-10 years warranty on average. There is no wonder why Baxi is probably the most popular barnd when it comes to fitting a new boiler.

Positioning of your boiler
Unlike 30 years back when boilers were usually floor standing, most of central heating boilers currently are wall surface installed. Transforming from a flooring standing to a wall installed boiler may come with an additional expense, so it’s worth examining what this will certainly be with the installer you choose. If you are wanting to reposition your central heating boiler to a various room or wall surface, after that additional pipe work will certainly be required.

This will certainly include to the cost of your new central heating boiler installation. Our surveyors will recommend on the very best setting for your brand-new boiler as well as inform you if there will certainly be any type of added cost, so you can make a notified choice.

Your current boiler and also central heater
If your central heating boiler and central heating unit have actually not been replaced or serviced consistently in 10+ years, it is extremely suggested to carry out a power flush throughout the installation of your new boiler to remove any kind of dirt or sludge in your system which could create serious damage. A power flush does come with an added expense to the initial central heating boiler substitute, however can make a valuable distinction to just how efficiently your boiler and heating system functions as well as prevent damages or malfunctions.

We experience a substantial study procedure to establish which central heating boiler is the finest suitable for your home and the intricacy of the job included, to give you an exact quote for your new boiler installation expense.

Obtain a fixed rate quote for a brand-new boiler installation [28] online now by simply responding to a few multiple-choice questions concerning your existing central heating boiler.

The Installation Process

What takes place prior to the installation?
Before the day of the installation, one of our property surveyors will set up a time with you to check several points, consisting of:

  • Your existing boiler’s setting
  • Water pressure
  • Variety of radiators
  • Setting of the flue
  • Variety of restrooms in your house

They’ll recommend on the best method to set up the central heating boiler. If you’re satisfied with what they recommend, you can after that discuss your settlement options as well as also a day as well as time for the engineer to mount your brand-new boiler, which we’ll validate with you by email and phone.

Our central heating boiler engineers

All our engineers get on the Gas Safe register, which suggests that they’re qualified to fix and mount gas central heating boilers. You’ll discover they have a variety of other accreditations to their names too, consisting of CHAS– the service providers’ health and wellness assessment scheme.

If you would certainly like to find out more about our team, including exactly how friendly as well as experienced they are, we have information about their training and what they’re like when they visit your home.

What happens on the day of the installation?

Our engineer will certainly come to your house with everything they’ll require to perform the work for the central heating boiler installation at the time and day agreed ahead of time.

You’ll require to be at the residential property to allow our designer gain access to. Your designer will talk you via the level of the work they’ll be lugging out, so you recognize what to expect when it’s taking place as well as after the work has actually been completed.

What occurs during the boiler installation?

Before our engineer also begins work they’ll put down dirt sheets as well as carpeting protectors to maintain the mess to a minimum.

While the engineer is hard at job, you don’t require to be at the residential or commercial property. A typical boiler installation might take about a day or more to complete, so be certain to check when you require to be back at your house so they can talk you with how your new boiler jobs.

As carrying out the installation of your central heating boiler, the engineer might also require to bring out what’s understood as a power flush. This is an extra process which just does away with any type of debris that may be existing inside the system after the central heating boiler has actually been assembled.

What around after the installation?

Our engineer will certainly check your new boiler to examine that its working as it ought to be, and they will additionally tidy up the area where they’ve been functioning, seeing to it it’s as neat and clean as it was prior to the installation started.

They’ll walk you via all the controls, showing you exactly how to run it, so you don’t have to fret concerning reaching grasps with it all by on your own.

At a later time you’ll receive a phone call from a member of our specialized customer care team, that’ll ask you just how everything went as well as whether you were pleased with the engineer and their work.

Your central heating boiler guarantee

Purchasing a new central heating boiler through Help-link means you could take advantage of up 10 years guarantee The exact information regarding your warranty will be inside the Help-Link care pack you’ll get after the installation is total.

In order to maintain your producer’s guarantee valid you’ll need to have your boiler serviced every year. You can book a yearly solution with us– whether it’s for a gas or electrical central heating boiler– to guarantee you maintain your service warranty undamaged.

Besides your boiler’s service warranty, you likewise have the tranquility of mind of our guarantee. When we mount your boiler, our job is guaranteed for the next 12 months. This suggests that in the not likely event that any errors have been made we’ll be bent on repair it for complimentary.

If you have any other inquiries about our boiler installation procedure, you can contact us making use of the type at the end of the web page, or call us on 123456789

Unlike various other kinds of central heating boilers such as traditional as well as system, a combi central heating boiler will manage your central heating from one portable unit. The location of your present boiler might have an effect on what substitute boilers are most appropriate. If you desire to maintain the price of your central heating boiler replacement down then it is best to get the new central heating boiler installed in the exact same area as your old one. Their array integrates an item for every domestic use, consisting of high effectiveness combination, system and open air vent boilers, light commercial central heating boilers as well as water heating units and cyndrical tubes. The Vaillant EcoTEC plus central heating boilers are readily available in a variety of designs and also choices as well as are an excellent choice for a brand-new combi central heating boiler.